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The Friendship Oracle Deck is a collaborative divination ritual for 2+ people and the things they carry with them. 

The Deck has no cards besides itself and what you add to it, and it defines "cards" very broadly. The Friendship Oracle Deck reflects meaning in the ways we see ourselves and each other in our everyday items and ephemera. This is a ritual for honestly in uncertain times, trust in community, and kindness among friends. 

This zine records a collaborative ritual born from the friendship and creativity of Jay DragonJosie-RoboSasha ReneauCaro AsercionAbe MendesJanie Jaffe W, and myself. You should really check out all of their games.

The Friendship Oracle Deck includes the Path Spread by Jay Dragon and uses the Lines and Veils safety mechanic developed by Ron Edwards for the game Sorcerer

The Friendship Oracle Deck is best read as a zine!  

It's a nice thing to hold, and in physical form serves as a great card to  star a deck. Downloads include a print-and-fold formatted pdf, and physical zines are also available in limited numbers. 


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$2.22 $0.00 USD or more

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FriendshipOracleDeck1pg.pdf 487 kB
FriendshipOracleDeck1pgB&W.pdf 487 kB
FriendshipOracleDeckPrint&Fold.pdf 488 kB
FriendshipOracleDeckTxt.txt 2 kB

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Physical Zine

Physical edition of the zine double-side printed on 150gsm, acid free, lilac paper. A great card to add to any Friendship Oracle Deck. 

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