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This playset is called They May Think It's A Movement, and it's about some hippies, and a restaurant, but They May Think It's A Movement is not the name of the restaurant. That's just the name of the playset, and that's why I called the playset They May Think It's  A Movement.

They May Think It's A Movement is a fiasco playset based off the seminal talking blues song Alice's Restaurant featuring:

  • Musical Hijinks 
  • A restaurant, sometimes 
  • Countercultural posturing
  • Small town dysfunction
  • Bureaucratic ouroboros
  • And a general shirking of responsibility 

Alice’s Restaurant is a staple of the folk revival canon as a lampooning of the draft, the Vietnam War, and the police through the telling of a mostly true fiasco. It is a period piece of late 60s counterculture. It is also a record of the complacency of its mostly white, nominally middle-class subjects, and, likewise, its narrator. Complacency is often the engine of injustice and oppression just as it is often the engine of fiasco, and this is no exception.

Familiarity with the song is not required, though general familiarity with the social context of the era is suggested.

Content Warning for the Source Material:

The song, Alice’s Restaurant, includes a homophobic joke and slur, and a joke about sexual assault; the movie is many ways worse. The lyrics are not sung in hate, and in updated versions the slur has been removed, but that doesn’t excuse the initial inclusion, the still remaining joke about assault, or the many more missteps of the movie.

All offending lyrics, jokes, and references have been omitted from this playbook. If I have missed anything, please let me know.

Use of safety tools such as the X-card and Lines & Veils is strongly encouraged. Discuss this with your group before play and give everyone the opportunity to go through and veto list items that might make play unsafe or unfun. 


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$2.00 $0.00 USD or more

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